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For over nearly twenty five years I have given thousands of readings and drawings of guides, loved ones, guardian angels, people from recurring dreams and past life experiences. Personally I feel it unethical to collect or keep copies. Out of respect for the spirit world, I do not believe they are for people to see, other than my client. However, John Sergent kindly offered his guide to be displayed, as he is extremely proud of him. Thank You John!

We all experience our uniqueness in a myriad of ways in how we connect with spirit.

As I found out when I met Lana. Lana is so much more than just a psychic artist.

The profound wisdom and information Lana channelled  for me was amazing not just in this current reality also touching on past life experiences.

Lana was able to confirm to me what I was feeling now and named places and events and gave me spiritual confirmation.

Lana connected to me as we sat and chatted Lana began to draw an aspect of me known as Auchuan.

A shaman from Peru  I would highly recommend Lana who is so much more than just a psychic artist  thank you Lana


Love and blessings


John Sargent

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