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As I reflect upon the last twenty five years, I look back in wonderment at the day that I discovered this magical gift. I am both thankful and privileged that I have been blessed, and believe that I was destined  to help people through my work as a psychic artist/medium and visionary artist.




Picturecraft Gallery, Holt, Norfolk

September -  November 2009

February     -  May 2010

October      -  December 2011

Assembly House, Norwich 

June - August 2011

Mall Galleries, London

SWA 149th Annual Exhibition


Q - Crit, Leeds College Of Art 

October 2013

Lamberts Yard, Leeds 2014

Mabgate, Leeds 

March 2015

Leeds Collage Of Art

July - August 2015

Leeds College Of Art

 June 2016

The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

 July 2016

Red & Gold Exhibition

Red Tower, York

10th December 2017

York St John

MA Exhibition 2018

Bishop Auckland Town Hall

November 2021

North East Art Collective Art Gallery

Eldon Garden, Newcastle

2021 - current

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