Although I have worked for over twenty years, as an Intuitive Psychic Artist, and soul rescue healer; my passion for art has compelled me to draw and paint since I watched my Father bring to life images like magic on pieces of paper. 

At the age of four I was drawing ballet dancer's and portraits, I was constantly amazed by people which, continued throughout my life in various forms of work. As a Medical Representative I was fascinated to know about medicine and how it effected people's health. As a screen printer I was intrigued by the techniques that were employed, and the commercial aspect of work within that sector.

I also worked as a sports physio, and progressed to study Hypnotherapy, I became interested in the use of the subconscious mind and how we neglect to access our real potential. As a therapist, I was able to connect with people; in my early thirties I was about to discover a very special gift when I was invited to a friend's house for a reading by a spiritualist. She told me that I was going to work for the spirit world. That night my friend put me to the test, and presented me with a pile of paper and pencils. To my amazement I began to draw and proceeded to give reading to all who were there. Initially, I felt uncomfortable about the uncontrollable, rapid drawing process. I also felt that all of my Father's artistic instruction was no avail. After the first year of drawing in quite an erratic manner, I began to overcome the antagonistic methods between the two different forms of drawing. Years later, I moved to Norfolk with my youngest daughter and son, where I worked as a self employed artist. I held various exhibitions and welcomed the opportunity to meet many talented artists. I later moved to West Yorkshire where I attended Leeds College of Art and achieved my BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art, after which, I achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at York. 

As I reflect upon the last twenty five years, I still look back in wonderment at the day that I discovered this magical gift. I am both thankful and privileged that I have been blessed, and believe that I was destined to become an intuitive, visionary and spiritual artist.

Blessings Lana 


Picturecraft Gallery, Holt, Norfolk

September -  November 2009

February     -  May 2010

October      -  December 2011

Assembly House, Norwich 

June - August 2011

Mall Galleries, London

SWA 149th Annual Exhibition


Q - Crit, Leeds College Of Art 

October 2013

Lamberts Yard, Leeds 2014

Mabgate, Leeds 

March 2015

Leeds Collage Of Art

July - August 2015

Leeds College Of Art

 June 2016

The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

 July 2016

Red & Gold Exhibition

Red Tower, York

10th Dec 2017

York St John

MA Exhibition 2018